The Isle Madame Boat Club (IMBC) is a non-profit organization owned and operated by its members.  It is registered with the Province of Nova Scotia Joint Stocks. 

We would like to share a bit of our history and a few milestones:

  • 1976: The club was founded under the name the Arichat Boat Club.   

    Through the generosity of Clem Boucher and his family and that of  Virginia Garrison, land was donated and assembled to create the IMBC. In addition, the   old government wharf, part of the site, was purchased from the Crown and functioned as a breakwater to protect the first iteration of the marina.

  • 1986: The club was incorporated under the name Isle Madame Boat Club.

  • 1993: The first Arichat Cup yacht race was held.

  • 1997: The board authorized the development of a marina facility. 

  • 1999: Dredging of approximately 13,000 cubic yards of material began followed by the construction of docks for 34 recreational vessels with water and electrical provisions. Most of the work  was completed by club members with the assistance of a professional contractor.

  • 2003: The club house was enlarged.

  • 2006: Construction of the breakwater, replacing the old government wharf.

  • 2012: A complete redesign and upgrade of existing docks.

  • 2014: The Isle Madame Sailing School was set up and a building to house the school facilities was constructed. New sail boats, safety boat and instructional material was purchased.

  • 2015: Construction of the concrete ramp, and associated grounds lighting, was completed.  Pump-out facilities were put in place.

  • 2016: A dinghy dock was completed.

Financing for the initial project was raised through the issuance of debentures to the membership.  Major funding for subsequent projects was received from Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC).  Supportive funding was received from the Municipality of the County of Richmond, the Province of Nova Scotia, St Joseph’s Credit Union in Petit de Grat and from IMBC members.  

Virtually all labour for projects and upkeep is done on a volunteer basis by Club membership.

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