Yacht Race:

The first Arichat Cup, sponsored by the Isle Madame Boat Club, was held in 1993.  It provided an opportunity for IMBC members, and members from local yacht clubs, to participate in a Canadian Yachting Association sanctioned yacht race.

For the past number of years, the Arichat Cup has been an in-harbour 16 mile race, making it an exciting close quarter race with lots of tactics and maneuvering. Spectators are able to watch the event and follow the race from both sides of Arichat Harbour.

Always a good race with lots of steady winds, the Arichat Cup provides a venue for boaters to develop their sailing skills. The race has always been part of a weekend party (rendezvous) held in July (weather permitting) and includes good food and drink. Some boaters come just for the party.

A very important part of this annual event is the camaraderie demonstrated between IMBC and all the neighbouring yacht clubs. 

Good friends sharing a good time..... before and after the starting gun.

Social Activities:

Throughout the summer, (every second Saturday) club members join in a pot luck breakfast at the clubhouse.  Lots of great food and socializing can be had and members’ guests are welcome. 

The club members enjoy at least two pot luck suppers during the season.  More great food and socializing and often some “kitchen” music will brighten the event. Once again members’ guests are welcome. 

Each year, a steak/lobster Christmas dinner is held for Club members and guests.

Hosting Events:

In recognition from the Bluenose II, this gift was given to the IMBC for their hospitality in welcoming the Bluenose II crew and captain on their visit to Arichat in August 2018.

As an expression of thanks for hosting the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Cruising Club this summer, they gave the IMBC the following gift.

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