Membership fees:

To join the Club, a person must complete a membership application and be approved by the Board.  Contact the IMBC for a membership application.

One-time joining fees:

  • Member: $50
  • Spouse/partner: free
  • Junior: $20

Annual membership dues:

  • Member: $30
  • Spouse/partner: $30
  • Junior: $5

Marina membership fees:

To become a User Member (to use a dock), a person must be a member of the IMBC in good standing. An application must be completed which will be considered by the maintenance committee and the Board.

Contact the IMBC for an application. 

  • One time user member fee: $300, non-refundable.  This  fee may be paid over two years, however the price is $400, payable in two $200 installments, in the first two years of membership.

  • Docking fees: Fees are set each year and announced at the Annual General Meeting. Fee schedules are posted in the IMBC Clubhouse. There is a minimum charge of 20 feet.   

  • Winter storage:  Free on-site winter storage for user member members. 

  • Second boat docking fees: For additional information contact the IMBC management committee.

Ramp membership fees:

  • All ramp users must be IMBC members in good standing.
  • One time user member fee: $50, non refundable.   $50 annual membership due.

Guest fees:

  • Guest docking: $1.50 per foot per day (minimum 20 feet).
  • Guest moorings: $30 per day.
  • Sewage pump-out services:  $25.
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